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It only takes a few seconds for a child to slip away.

For this project, I’m compelled to share more of a personal experience rather than simply sharing installation details. My experience speaks volumes towards the importance of having a Protect-A-Child pool fence for every family.

During this install, I was drilling holes for the fence posts when I turned to look at the house, which was behind me. I saw a toddler, newly walking, stumble out of the door. I expected to see an adult right behind the child, but no one followed. The noise from the drilling would have made it impossible for anyone to hear the child fall into the very large swimming pool. I ran and grabbed the child just one step from the water where my feet were on the edge of the pool.

When I brought her back into the house, I could see the concern and embarrassment on everyone’s faces. There were six adults in the house and everyone thought someone else was watching the little girl. Without a doubt, the more adults around, the greater the distraction and danger. That was a lesson not only for me but for my customer as well. I’m thankful for the powerful lesson that ended with a happy ending.

Project #02

Child Safety Fence for the Pool and a Steep Cliff in Phoenix