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This is very common, but we encourage scheduling before moving in if possible.

Moving hits the stress meter in the same category as death and taxes. Now add babies, toddlers, young children and a new pool home into the mix! It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Moving is chaotic. It’s impossible to keep track of anything when everything around you is in disarray. This is where Protect-A-Child Pool Fence comes into the picture, moving day installs are our specialty.

This specific client called us the day before their move to their new home. The pool was not secured. They were dreading how they were going to manage the confusion, while maintaining the level of safety for their kids. When parents are busy with a move and the unpacking, it becomes an extremely dangerous time for toddlers.

We go the extra mile to accommodate our customers in these types of situations. Installing pool fences in tandem with move-in-day, is something in which we are accustomed. We always recommend that our customers take extra precautions during this time. Let us install before the move in, during, or in worst case scenario, the next day. Having a designated baby sitter is a must during this distracted time. I truly appreciate my paranoid customers and we will always do all we can to accommodate their needs.

Project #02

Child Safety Fence for the Pool and a Steep Cliff in Phoenix