Pet Fence

Removable pet safety barrier for the pool, patio, garage and yard.

Pool Fence

Protects your little ones from unknowingly gaining access to the pool.

Volleyball Net

The perfect add-on to your pool fence for hours of family fun.

Why Choose Protect-A-Child

Our pool fence provides a secure barrier you can count on to hold up to Arizona’s extreme climate.

Here in Arizona we have a unique climate which basically consists of only three seasons: warm, hot, and really hot. But it’s a dry heat, which means that a mesh pool fence has to stand up to the responsibility that’s required of it. Protect A Child is fully capable of withstanding these weather conditions. In fact, we recently reinstalled the same fence for two generations of family. This customer went from being mother to a grandmother and was able to use the same fence. Without doubt, the fence will outlive its need.

Our pool fence is easily removable by an adult to access the pool or to completely remove when you choose to open up the patio. To further prevent access to your pool, Protect-A-Child fences feature additional layers of patented protection:

  • Point-lock latches secure the sections of your pool fence together to prevent small fingers from unlocking your fence.
  • Lock-in-deck posts provide the option to twist-lock your posts into the patio, preventing remove by children.

The solid-core fiberglass posts used on every Protect-A-Child pool fence provide many benefits:

  • Unbreakable strength backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure New England families that their support posts will never break or become bent or crooked.
  • Live near the ocean or have a salt water pool? Protect-A-Child’s fiberglass posts will never corrode or rust as commonly seen with aluminum posts.
  • Heat-resistant, non-conductive fiberglass fence posts prevent burns to little hands in the hot summer months.

Here are a few of the features your family will benefit from when choosing Protect-A-Child:


Unbreakable Fiberglass Fence Posts

Twist-Locking Secure Post Sleeves

Adjustable Fence Safety Latches

Impact-Absorbent Mesh & Borders

Self-Closing Pool Fence Gates

Multiple Stylish Color Options

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Installation Matters

Our installation begins with the most important step, which is the design. We layout a template that shows the customer the line of the fence and where each post will be positioned. Everyone gets a visual. Once the template is adjusted to the customer’s satisfaction, we get to work and begin the installation. We are splitting ⅛’s of an inch. Each post has a deliberate angle for its position in the design and it truly shows in the end result. The installation is about safety. It’s also about making sure it looks good.